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The Scepter, a legal services plan for medical groups, societies, associations, staffs, and other organizations.

Administered by Gallagher Campanella LLC, The Scepter, offers covered and discounted legal services* to organizations that have contracted with Gallagher Campanella LLC.

Members of the covered organization may enroll in the plan for an annual fee.

Through the plan, Society members can obtain a vast array of legal defense services* for a low annual rate. Plan members also receive a 20% discount on all other legal services provided by the Firm.

For more information and to speak with an individual about The Scepter, plan, please call the plan Hotline, (973) 998-8494, or email us at

* Covered services include:

  • Representation before State & Federal Administrative and Regulatory Agencies
  • EMR and Financial Information Cybersecurity Guidance
  • Internet Profile & “Persona” Management Services
  • Pre-Litigation Employment & Labor Counseling Services and Representation
  • One Employment Agreement Review per Program Year
  • Federal & State Regulatory Practice Compliance Counseling
  • Unlimited telephone Consultations with Firm Partners

Annual Premium is $599 per year

Note: The Scepter is designed as a supplement to, and not a replacement for, professional liability coverage.

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Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018 (“EKRA”)

By: Gina L. Campanella, Esq., FACHE IMPORTANT REGULATORY UPDATES!             Last month, the federal government passed the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018, which, in pertinent part, significantly revises and restricts the ways in which laboratories, clinical treatment facilities and recovery homes can compensate employees and contractors.  Most significantly, employees of any such facilities,…

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